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Advanced Ambulance Driver

If you have ever thought, man, those Ambulance Drivers are COOL,  I wish I could be one.   Are you tired of being called ‘just’ an Ambulance Driver?   Well, […]

Obtaining Your CFRN® Certification

Table of Contents The Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN®) credential is a specialized certification for nurses who provide medical care during air medical transport. Earning your CFRN® certification is a […]

Obtaining Your FP-C® Certification

obtaining your Flight Paramedic Certification for air medical transport

Table of Contents The Flight Paramedic-Certified (FP-C) credential is a specialized certification for paramedics who provide medical care during air medical transport. Earning your FP-C certification is a challenging but […]

How To Become a Flight Paramedic

Table of Contents Welcome to Your Future in Flight Medicine Welcome to IA MED’s Ultimate Guide on “How to Become a Flight Paramedic.” See our Flight Paramedic Certification to get started. This […]

Air Ambulance Training For RNs

Air ambulance training, or medical air transport training, for registered nurses (RNs) typically includes both classroom and hands-on training in areas such as flight physiology, critical care transport, and emergency […]

Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN®) Course

CFRN Recertification Course

Certified Flight Nursing Training Course IA MED is a professional organization that offers continuing education and training for healthcare professionals, including flight medical nursing training courses. That being said, there […]

FP-C® Certification & Recert Programs

Flight Paramedic Certification & Recertification Course from IAMED

Recertification is an important process that ensures that flight paramedics maintain their knowledge and skills to provide high-quality care. In order to maintain their certification, flight paramedics are required to […]

How NOT to be an A**hole Paramedic

The Top 5 Ways Not to be an A**hole Paramedic:   1. Dealing with other agencies We’ve all been there. We’ve arrived on scene only to discover that other first […]

Spooky Thursdays: Darkness Falls

Warning: potential trigger warning!   A 72-year-old man was admitted to the hospital for congestive heart failure, which had led to kidney failure, and his significantly younger wife was always […]