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Coffee Pot Knock Out

Recently an American Airlines flight was diverted from its LA to DC flight path to a rapid descent, action-packed landing into Kansas City.   A 6’3” 240-pound man assaulted a […]

“Modus Operandi” – Ventilator Modes

Once upon a time (reader, it was yesterday), I had a funny idea for comparing ventilator modes using Miss Trunchbull as assist control and Miss Honey as SIMV. My personal […]

Provider Health and Wellness in EMS

It’s no secret that the EMS community isn’t the healthiest bunch of folks on the planet. We work truckloads of long hours. We eat on the run and sometimes our […]

Buyers Market

  You overhauled your resume, applied for every flight job in a 100-mile radius, studied until your eyeballs fell out of your head, nailed the written exam, and rocked the […]

What the funk? How SAD shifts our vibe.

What the funk? A brief discussion of how seasonal affective disorder shifts our vibe Gwenny Lawson   It’s almost midnight. It’s freezing cold outside, even though last week we hit […]

Hands Down, Our Best Tool

Whether you work in the back of an ambulance, a helicopter, or a hospital, you likely have many tools to assist you in assessing and treating your patient. Tools such […]

Minute Ventilation

  Ventilator management strategies are all that glitters in the EMS community right now. ???? All the cool podcasters are talking about it; the bloggers are bloggin’ blogs about recruitment […]