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Flight Paramedic Certification & Recertification Course from IAMED
Allyson Moschera

FP-C® Certification & Recert Programs

Recertification is an important process that ensures that flight paramedics maintain their knowledge and skills to provide high-quality care. In order to maintain their certification, flight paramedics are required to

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Coffee Pot Knock Out

Recently an American Airlines flight was diverted from its LA to DC flight path to a rapid descent, action-packed landing into Kansas City.   A 6’3” 240-pound man assaulted a

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Salim Rezaie

Which Route is Best for Epinephrine in OHCA?

Background Epinephrine remains a staple in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA).  However, the optimal dose, timing, and route of administration are still unknown.  Standard dosing of epinephrine

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Buyers Market

  You overhauled your resume, applied for every flight job in a 100-mile radius, studied until your eyeballs fell out of your head, nailed the written exam, and rocked the

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