Jaren Jarrell

Cause of Death: A Broken Heart…

By: Jaren Jarrell FP-C, CCEMT-P, NRP From country lyrics to inspirational quotes, “dying from a broken heart” is a widespread line. But, who would have thought that you can actually

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Cecil Fairchild

Earn This

Full disclaimer…I make no claims as an expert.  However, these were my musings that became a sort of “revelation” which I felt compelled to share.   In 1998, the Steven

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Chelsea Epling

100% Silent

100% Silent Chelsea Epling, BSN, RN, MCCN, EMT-P I figured I’d start this one out with a disclosure. This is going to be more geared towards the nurses than it

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Timothy Swanson

Panic! At the airport

I had let my guard down, which was a mistake and it backfired. The first step after my mistake was to panic, and I think those around me at the

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