Coffee Pot Knock Out

Recently an American Airlines flight was diverted from its LA to DC flight path to a rapid descent, action-packed landing into Kansas City.   A 6’3” 240-pound man assaulted a […]

The IKEA Model – Mentorship & Success

  Guidance, leadership, influence, role model, and experience. We could go on with what the characteristics and benefits of a mentor are. These words define the qualities of a good […]

Buyers Market

  You overhauled your resume, applied for every flight job in a 100-mile radius, studied until your eyeballs fell out of your head, nailed the written exam, and rocked the […]

10 Pathologies To Know in Transport

Do you have an interview for a flight paramedic or flight nurse position coming up in your future? Have you prepared for the dreaded “clinical scenarios” you’ve heard rumors about? […]

How NOT to be an A**hole Paramedic

The Top 5 Ways Not to be an A**hole Paramedic:   1. Dealing with other agencies We’ve all been there. We’ve arrived on scene only to discover that other first […]

Failing to Succeed

Failing to Succeed By Chelsea Epling, RN, BSN, MCCN, EMT-P Many times in life we fail. We fail a test, we fail at a relationship, we fail to reach a […]

Hands Down, Our Best Tool

Whether you work in the back of an ambulance, a helicopter, or a hospital, you likely have many tools to assist you in assessing and treating your patient. Tools such […]

How to Become a Flight Paramedic

How to Become a Flight Paramedic

Welcome to Your Future in Flight Medicine Welcome to IA MED’s Ultimate Guide on “How to Become a Flight Paramedic.” This guide is a roadmap that demystifies the journey to […]